Friday, 1 June 2012

Vienna V

0276 - Austria, Vienna, Fountain HDR

The power of post-processing? Every so often I go back through my 'archives' and try to apply some of the new tricks and skills I have gained to some older shots. Here is an example of a photo I took in June 2007 with a Samsung Digimax A6 (an extrememly low rent point and shoot). I even uploaded the original here.

In order to re-adjust this image I took it into Lightroom to adjust the levels, then into Photoshop to remove the unwanted people on the left side. I still wasn't happy though, so I created +1 and -1 exposure equivalent photos and created a 'faux' HDR in Photomatix. Simply using the preset 'painterly' effect and then some final adjustments in Lightroom I got the look I wanted.

For those interested, this is the "Die Macht zu Lande" fountain created by Edmund von Hellmer in 1897.

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