Saturday, 2 June 2012

Lanzarote I

0277 - Spain, Lanzarote, El Golfo HDR

El Golfo. I was fortunate enough to be sent to Lanzarote on a conference the other week. I really wish I had a wide angle lens though. This is a three image panaorama, each shot being a three image HDR capture (ie nine images in total). Processed using Photomatix and Hugin.

The sky was fairly washed out, so I decided to 'swap' it with a sky from another image. I'm not entirely sure whether I'm happy doing this or not, since it is no longer the true original image. But then since I process things quite a lot I decided to give it a go. A little bit of information, the lake/lagoon is green due to microorganisms living in the water and the beach is black due to volcanic ash.

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