Thursday, 14 January 2010

Stamford XV

What/Where: HDR Burghley House, Stamford, England.
EXIF: DMC-TZ3 | 11mm | F/4.5 | 1/500sec | ISO-100 | 21/12/2009 10:37


Tyreek said...

Hey there. I got an email from my friend Paul Romano, who was the guitar player in Eternal Aftermath wherein, I was the bassist. He put up a link to your comment on the offspring forums. I have some of the live recordings as well as two studio recordings that we did. Unfortunately, we were all 15-16 years old at the time of the existence of the band so we don't have much in the way of recordings but, if you'd like, I can send you some of what we've done. Let me get your best e-mail for doing so. Cool?


Barry Mangham said...

Wow, that seems like such a long time ago now! My email address is, any tracks would be very much appreciated!